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September 19, 2012

Women's Indoor National Team Member Lands in Germany

Beautiful Berlin

This adventure started like any other for me...with a delayed flight.  Fortunately not much could dampen my spirits since I was finally heading to my first job as a professional volleyball player. While waiting to board the plane i couldn't help but think about how fortunate I was to be heading to such a beautiful country to play the sport I was born to play.  These happy thoughts were soon followed by the first shock of nervousness about arriving in my new home. But not to worry as once bored I found myself surrounded by every family on the plane with a child under 3, no serious thinking could take place while in the midst of four screaming infants. After an 8 hour flight that felt more like 18, I traipsed through the passport control without so much as a single question and after some serious confusion I found J and Janie waiting to welcome me to Germany.

As I seemed to have completely skipped Tuesday we headed for a very German breakfast including plenty of cheese and meat then for stroll through a local park..  Then finally after much anticipation I was welcomed by the team manager and officially made part of the team. Now settling into my new apartment I am attempting to adjust to the German way of life as quickly as possible unfortunately the jet-lag is catching up to me.

So far I only have great things to say about the people of Berlin and the team members I have met including my sweet, Brazilian roommate who the girls call Barbie. While the apartment is the perfect size for two middle blockers I was initially concerned when I first walked into the kitchen. I felt as though I had entered a smurf house, everything from the table to the counters to the fridge are all miniature. Needless to say I'll be missing the raised counter tops at home.
More adventures await me tomorrow in my first practice with the team. Hopefully all goes well since we leave Friday for the Czech Republic to play a tournament.  No rest for this girl, but I can't wait for the adventures to begin!


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